Golden Repeat, Nevada, USA


The Company owns 100% interest in the Golden Repeat gold property situated in the Midas region of Nevada.

Property Overview

The Property is on the north slope of the Midas Trough, along the Carlin Trend, within the Northern Nevada Rift. These claims have many geological similarities to gold properties in the well-known Midas Gold Camp. Hecla Mining Company’s Midas Mine lies 18 kilometres (km) east of the Property. The Midas Mine previously was owned by Newmont until February 2014 (3 million oz gold reserves at 31 g/t Au) and is an epithermal, bonanza-type gold-silver bearing system. Additionally, major sediment-hosted Carlin-style gold mines owned by Nevada Gold Ventures LLC are nearby, including the Getchell-Twin Creeks-Turquoise Ridge mines (15 km to the southwest, and its Goldstrike Mine complex, 50 km southeast of the Property).

The Golden Repeat Property consists of 49 contiguous mining claims totaling 392 hectares, adjacent to Waterton’s Clover gold property. The area is easily reachable by road from Interstate (80) with excellent local mining infrastructure. The Property hosts widespread alteration, two distinct gold-silver targets exist on Golden Repeat. One is a volcanic-hosted epithermal occurrence, similar to the Midas Mine gold-silver deposit of Hecla. The other target is a sediment-hosted, Carlin-style gold occurrence underlying Tertiary volcanic rocks.  The Property was briefly drilled by Gold Fields and Romarco Minerals Inc. (taken over by OceanaGold in 2015) in the 1990s.  A large part of the Property is untested by Drilling.

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Regional Geology

Maps below outline the regional geology of the Snowstorm Mountains, after Wallace (1993). Rocks exposed at Golden Repeat range in composition from basalt through rhyolite. The ages of the rocks are between approximately 15.6 to 16.0 Ma (Miocene) for the basalts, lowermost tuffs and upper “Red Rhyolite” to approximately 15.4 Ma for the age of the late rhyolites (perhaps including the Clover Rhyolite) and gold-silver mineralization in the Midas-Hollister mine areas.

The Northern Nevada Rift immediately underlies the Golden Repeat property, and faulting associated with the rift is identified in surface exposures. The north-northwesterly faults at Golden Repeat associated with the Snowstorm Graben appear to have dominantly steep, easterly dips, whereas certain north-northwesterly faults associated with gold mineralization, like the Clover Fault zone, may have steep westerly dips. Certain east-northeasterly trending steeply dipping faults at Golden Repeat and the Clover property also may be associated locally with gold mineralization and emplacement of the Clover Rhyolite. The present Midas Graben formed along reactivated northeasterly-trending normal faults, well after the gold-silver mineralization.

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Property Geology

Golden repeat property has similar mineralization and of the age as the Midas-Hollister mines.  The Property has similar rock units and stratigraphy as at Midas, located 18 kilometers to the east (Ferdock, 2013).  Dynasty has a geologic map and an alteration map of Clover and the Golden Repeat area that were used by Yamana Gold. The Yamana geology map was similar to that produced by Wallace (1993) of the U.S. Geological Survey, with the exception that they added a new geologic unit, the Clover Rhyolite, which is associated with gold mineralization at Gold Repeat and Clover.

Past Exploration Work

The property was staked in 1983 by Clark Powell and others but only minor exploration work was completed until the 1990's when a joint venture was formed with Romarco Minerals Inc. In the 1998/99 season, Romarco conducted a drill program in covering a limited area in the northeast corner of the property. Results returned pervasive gold values in the Clover rhyolite and intersected significant gold mineralization in four of seven holes, including five feet of 2 g/t gold (Bryan Slim 2004). In 2006 further exploration included 37 rock chip samples collected from various parts of the property and returned assays as high as 100 ppb gold.

In summer 2011, Dynasty conducted a three-hole test drill program to follow up with Romarco drill program in 1990s.  Assay results returned up to 3.4 g/t over 1.7 meter gold and 44 g/t of silver.  In October 2016, a sampling program was carried out to study the NNW-trending Clover Fault system and determine if it had similarities to the ore controlling NNW faults in the Midas Mine, and to trace such structures northward from Clover into the Golden Repeat property.

It was discovered that the Clover Fault system at Gold Repeat split into two sub-parallel fault “strands”, forming a cymoid loop.

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Work in Progress

The Company received a drill permit and considers test drilling to discover an economic Midas-Clover style of gold-silver deposit.

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